Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hi! Long time no see ^_*

Hey how's your weekend? 
Me? It full with activities...  
Yesterday I had take part in merentas desa.
But not for running, I've be a watchman at the checkpoint giving a coupon to the participants. Interesting right? Heeee. No sweat at all. How lucky I am hihi.
It such a best experience ever since I'm currently in the last year pursuing my degree. So, I need to take opportunities as much as I can. For me, experience can teach us. It also makes our life colorful and meaningful. Did you agree?

Hoho and today I'm participating in seminar title "GLOBALIZATION OF LOCAL PRODUCTS" which talk has been delivered by Dato Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohammad Tahir, the former of the Managing Director of PROTON. I felt very lucky and it worth be a part in this seminar. He's a handsome man who had a lot of experience and very humble person. I love the way he deliver his speech. Very inspiring! It is hard you know to find a leader who are prioritizing akhirat matter rather than duniawi. He had said, " to understand people, do not listen what he say, but listen what he does not said". Deeply understand and you'll get the real meaning. 

Great! I was fill my weekend with a beneficial activities. And how about youuu??? :)

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